Brocart FControl – software to perform the latest settings of run, manual control and automatic startup, as well as to diagnose and test the system.

Brocart FControl – is a program for diagnosing and testing the system, performing the last startup settings, playing an audio file and synchronous automatic execution (Firing File) of a startup file (CSV) or manual start of pyroelements.

The program is equipped with a multi-window user interface (immediate and intuitive) that guides the user through all stages of preparing, setting up and conducting fireworks.

An audio file (.mp3 or .wav format) and a launch file (.csv) previously prepared and generated in the fireworks simulation program “FINALE 3D” are loaded and played into the program.

(*”Finale 3D” is not part of the BROCART Firing System software. Learn more and purchase the program at: