PyroPlayer BFC – is intended for storage, automatic execution a time code of the Fire File (.CSV) and synchronous reproduction of the audio-file of a phonogram of display fireworks. This is the same Master BFC, but with limited functions.

It Provides:

  • connection to this device on 2-wire of RS485 network up to 30 firing modules;
  • check and testing of the connected modules;
  • two operation modes:
    – “Test” for check of network functioning and the connected modules;
    – “Fire” for run fireworks


  • inclusion toggle-switch;
  • button of switching of the “Test-Fire” mode
  • the buttons “Play”, “Pause”, “Stop” for start-up, pauses in execution and stops of the file of Fire Files (.CSV) and the audio-file;
  • The LCD monitor for display of the current information in operation of the device;
  • terminals for connection 2-wire of RS485 network;
  • connector USB for connection of PC and loading in a player of the file Fire Files (.CSV)
  • USB connectors and MicroSD for storage and reproduction of the audio-file of a phonogram;
  • connector for connection of the external audio-amplifier;
  • built-in battery of a power supply 12V
  • dimensions: 300х200х170
  • weight – 500г