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    BFW – the radio modem with RS-485 interface is the radio-module working at frequency of 433 MHz and 500 MW. The radio frequency and operating power allow to use as much as possible it without any European government license. Are connected to any control device or the firing module by a 2-wire cable to the terminals of RS485 network

    Are applied in two variants: 

    – BFWT – the transmitter, for transfer of commands for executive modules and receiving from them a response signal;

    – BFWR – a receiver, for reception of commands from the transmitter and transfer of a response signal to it.

    The “BROCART” Firing System supports both wire, and wireless work at the same time. The flexibility of the “BROCART” Firing System allows to use a radio modem in the easy and clear way. Actually it replaces normal cable connections between devices. The user does not need to configure the devices connected to a radio modem, it is enough to set only by means of the rotary switch a channel number on the transmitter and a receiver depending on a way of their application (see the scheme below)


    • inclusion toggle-switch;
    • channel switch
    • terminals for connection 2-wire of RS485 network;
    • LED indicators of turning on of the modem and reception-transmission of a signal
    • the internal battery of a power supply of the device – 12V (time of continuous operation of the rechargeable battery in the mode of reception-transmission of signals – 3 hours);
    • the connector for connection of the charger;
    • dimensions: 170х80х35
    • weight – 300г

    AB6 – Contact box

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  • NC2 – Network cable

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