BW-18T – the radio control panel on 18 firing cues, allows to control remotely on a radio channel the receiving module

BW-18R at distance up to 200 m from the operator.

BW-18T is the radio transmitter working at frequency of 433 MHz and 500 mW. Frequency and operating power allow to use as much as possible it without any European government license.


  • transmission to receiver the command to start of the selected pyro-element corresponding to number of the depressed buton on the transmitter.

​BW-18R – the receiving module (receiver) is based on the Concept and the Principle of the “BROCART” Firing System


  • connection to the panel to 3 address groups on 6 firing cues in everyone, by means of the universal cable AC4-4pin and contact boxes AB6;
  • LED indicators checking connecting tenches to each connected element and readiness of a pyroelement for start; use of two operation modes of the panel: – a checking regime of the connected pyro-elements
    – “Test”; – ready mode and start-up of a pyro-element – “Fire”