Module Tester BFMT – is a multifunctional tester for checking signals and for configuration of executive modules in the RS485 network at a firing positions.

Each firing module of the “BROCART Firing System” is identified by a unique ID code, an from 1 to 999. BFMT is a tool that allows you to set this ID code.

It Provides:

  • verification and testing of firing modules connected to the RS485 network;
  • checking the status (ON / Off) and the mode (Test / Fire) of the firing modules;
  • verification of igniters on each executive module in the “Test” mode; 
  • change and assignment of ID code to Firing modules.


  • color alphanumeric multi-line display;
  • 4 control buttons;
  • terminals for connecting a 2-wire network cable NC2 (RS485) or a BFW radio modem for testing executive modules in the network;
  • GX16-4pin connector: 4-pin female connector for individual (selective) connection to the tester and verification of one or more executive modules via the universal AC4 cable;
  • battery: Li-Ion battery 12V;
  • connector for battery charge
  • sizes: 170x85x36
  • weight: 250g.