BFM96M – the combined devaice: Control panel & Firing module (two in one) on 96 firing cues. It is used as the Control panel for run of fireworks manually directly from the panel, or as the Firing Module as a part of an digital firing system “BROCART” on commands from the control computer and the Master BFC or the PyroPlayer BFP by RS485 network or by radio channel.The panel – module allows to control remotely the pyrotechnic elements set at distance up to 300 m from the operator.

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The BFM96M is based on the Concept and the Principle of the “BROCART” firing system

It Provides:

  • connection to the panel to 16 address groups on 6 firing cues in everyone, by means of the universal cable AC4-4pin and contact boxes AB6;
  • the choice of Address group of cues clicking the button with the corresponding number of group (when using in the manual mode)
  • LED indicator control of the selected group (when using in the manual mode)
  • consecutive or selective start-up of pyroelements from the selected Address group of cues (when using in the manual mode), the number of possible start-up from each contact box (Address group) – 6 cues;
  • use of two operation modes of the panel:
    – a checking regime of the connected pyro-elements – “Test”
    – ready mode and start-up of a pyro-element – “Fire”.
  • control of availability of igniter and operability of the line:
    – via the computer interface;
    – or additional special device “ModuleTester” BFMT
  • the maximum removal of pyroelements from the paneli-module:
    – at a power supply from the internal battery – 100 m;
    – when using the external battery (24v) – 300 m


  • button of turning on of the panel;
  • mode switch “Test – ON – Fire”;
  • manual on / off switch;
  • buttons for selecting the address group of cues – 16 pcs .;
  • buttons firing cues  – 6pcs.
  • 16 GX16-4pin connectors for connection of contact boxes AB6 of address groups of cues;
  • terminals for connection of the 2-wire network cable NC2(RS485) or a radio modem BFW;
  • digital voltage indicator of internal batteries;
  • LED board of technological serviceability check of electronic components of the panel;
  • the USB connector for connection of the PC;
  • switch with a board of ID number of the module;
  • two independent rechargeable batteries 12v 7Ah;
  • the connector for connection of the external battery of a power supply;
  • two connectors for charging of internal accumulators;
  • shockproof, dustproof and moisture-proof case
  • dimensions: 300х200х170
  • weight – 10kg

Use of the combined devaice is based on “BROCART” firing system concept – use of three basic devices:

control panel, device AB6 of connection of pyroelements and universal 4-wire cable AC4. This basic system (see the scheme below) can control 96 firing cues and make simultaneous start-up from two – three and more launch positions located at distance up to 100 m one from another


To expand a system for control of more than 96 channels or to expand a panorama of your display firework, add devaices, connect them in RS485 network by  the 2-wire equipment cable NC2 and connect them to the to devices – Master BFC or PyroPlayer BFP. In one network no more than 30 modules can be used. Total length of network (from the master to the last module) – 1.2 km

*Connection devices to pyroelements are not shown for simplification

In this example the system will control 384 firing cues (96 cues on module x 4 modules = 384 cues).